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This will be our final meeting for 2009. We had enthusiastic attendance for the various meetings and it has been a good start to such an educational undertaking. Also, because this is purely a free community service educational activity it will take some time for those interested to truly understand the breadth and depth of what we are accomplishing. For those interested in Non-Duality, this is a very unique opportunity to learn a comprehensive, fully integrated process and program that is at the level of a university course on the subject.

This lecture is given by Michael who was a prior Vedanta monk with over 35 years of practice in Vedanta, Zen, aspects of Tibetan Buddhism, Native American practices, along with various yoga processes. He is also a trained scientist and prior university instructor. His field is biology applied to land planning and sustainability. He sees ecological systems as a scientific process that educates us on the unity of energetic interactions throughout natural systems and also helps us to experience our Immanent/Transcendent aspect of Non-Duality. Certain sciences and Non-Duality will merge their processes in the future to create a new human race that is both deeply integrated in Spirit and the functional processes for making a better life for all species.

This month we will end with a lecture on Non-Dual Meditations. This will cover some specific meditations, advantages of such meditations, progressive techniques for meditation in Non-Dual traditions along with many of the benefits. This is meant to show students various methods that Non-Dualists use to meditate and how these can affect our lives to make us live a more profound, giving and unselfish life along with helping to deepen our understanding of how and why to contact our inner source.

These meditations will be strictly for educational purposes only and are not meant to influence a direction of particular private meditation practice. This is completely up to each individual and their individual teacher to decide, if they have a teacher. Our mission at the ‘Center for Non-Dual Studies’ is to provide free educational information on various aspects of Non-Dual theory and Practice.


Intermediate Non-Dualism – October 18, Sunday, 12:00 Noon – Casa de Luz – Austin

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There are currently many faces given to the Non-Dual path in the West. Michael, our facilitator, along with Ken Wilber and a handful of others have devised processes for delineating what this path is. Michael is one of the longest practitioners of this path, having practiced since the early 1970’s and will share his perspective on the progression and sudden illumination potential in Non-Duality. We also point out some of the pro’s and con’s of both accurate and inaccurate practice. In the West, we are very creative, but sometimes we have not developed the ethical foundations and the educational background necessary to undertake such a profound process as Non-Dual unfoldment. On the other hand the West, with the benefits of various sciences and the ability to cross-reference different Non-Dual traditional systems, has the advantage of uncovering some essential processes that will both speed progress and clarify procedure. We have covered some of the beginning stages of this path and will move on to intermediate stages in this class. Many believe we can just affirm our Non-Dual Unitary nature and then we are finished. This is true if someone is a fully enlightened Buddha, but for the majority of humanity it will also be a progressive path, albeit not always in some linear fashion. There will be spirals, circles, peaks and valleys. The advantage of ‘The Center for Non-Dual Studies’ approach is that we explore various authentic traditions and draw out the best from different paths and create new processes also. We also have the advantage of having Michael, a prior Vedanta monk for many years who has been practicing for over 35 years to help direct these studies. He does not take any ‘spiritual teacher’ role, but only looks upon himself as a fellow traveler and educator of Non-Dual studies. Non-Duality offers many advantages over dualistic pathways and these will also be discussed along with how this path can be a simple way to strengthen the mind, open the heart and bring deep stress relief to our everyday existence. Non-Duality is not simply about an escape to a transcendent existence but is a very practical and completely Unitary Path all in One. It brings fulfillment and unfolds our deepest innate happiness.


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This is an ongoing class on Non-Dual education and practice.  The word Non-Duality  is becoming more and more popular but the profound meaning and process of learning the real prerequisites are often missing in some modern interpretations.  In this class we will continue to point out some of the essential step by step prerequisites necessary to truly practice such a profound way of life.  In our last class we covered some of these via, Shankara’s Advaita Vedanta. In this class we will explore various Buddhist Non-Dual procedures.  We are not tied to any one system of Non-Duality and we look into cross-cultural and cross-discipline approaches for maximum benefit and also so we do not become overly ‘stuck’ on ‘the’ approach.  By this cross-cultural and multi-disciplined approach to Non-Duality we will develop a more universal and powerful procedure to quickly and effectively penetrate the heart of Non-Duality.  We will also discover how to use deep devotion in the path of Non-Duality which is not at all understood by some who attempt the path.  It is usually thought to be a totally different discipline, but in our study of ‘COMPREHENSIVE NON-DUALITY’ we will discover this process in due time.

This class is taught by a prior Western monastic in Advaita Vedanta who is cross trained in several different Buddhist processes (such as Zen and Tibetan Buddhism) and has an extensive knowledge of philosophy, both East and West and also a scientific background.  He has over 30 years of training and sharing of this most profound philosophy.  Michael is the author of Non-Dualism ‘A New Experiment in Living.’  Read the rest of this post »

Third Class Schedule

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Date: Aug. 30, 2009 (Sunday)
Time: 11:00am-12:00pm
Place: Casa de Luz – (Toomey Rd) – Austin
Room: Serena Room


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In this third class we will continue to pursue the line of reasoning wherein we discover a progressive path to Non-Dual understanding, via becoming authentic to our actual level. This means we will delineate what it means to be at the beginning, intermediate, advanced or very advanced stage of Non-Dual understanding and practice. We will also have to correlate this understanding with our actual ethical establishment. If we understand very advanced theories of Non-Dual practice and yet we are at the beginning stages of ethical and emotional practice, we need to know this to honestly progress. In Non-Dual practice it is sometimes thought that we can just skip all the steps and remain in the Non-Dual, that is beyond all stages of practice, but this is not the case unless a person is very advanced in both ethical standards and deep profound knowledge of Ultimate Truth. This is not something that happens immediately and will take time to mature and ripen. First we have knowledge and then through the fire of life experience and deepened awareness and manifest love we grow into the state of ‘Deep Wisdom.’

We will also continue to refine the definitions of what we mean by Non-Dual understanding and practice. All practitioners are welcome from beginning stages to advanced practitioners and all should gain a valid help from the class. Also if you know nothing of Non-Duality you are also welcome to come and learn with us. This is an educational format and everyone is welcome.

Michael is the instructor/facilitator and he has been sharing Non-Dual knowledge for over 30 years. He is a retired university instructor and a trained scientist as also a prior monk in the Vedanta lineage with 10 years of monastic training. He is uniquely qualified to help individuals in their understanding. He is also the author of Non-Dualism ‘A New Experiment in Living.’


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Class: Progressive Non-Dual Practice
Where: Casa de Luz -Toomey Rd, Austin
When: July 26th
Time: 11:00am-12:00pm Cost: Free

CONTENTS: This is a detailed class on the progressive approach to Non-Dual studies, that includes beginning, intermediate, advanced and very advanced processes and procedures. In modern culture, we have a tendency to gain a quick intellectual knowledge of a topic and then believe we understand it. In Non-Dual understanding and practice this, quick intellectual approach is not completely valid because there are concomitant ethical practices that need to be included at each level of understanding for the teaching to be truly understood and then eventually directly realized in the depths of our being. This class will cover such a progressive path and clear up some misunderstandings that individuals might have in regards to Non-Duality, how it is practiced, how it is adapted to different individuals etc. There is not one exclusive path to Non-Dual practice but there are different nuances of the path for each individual according to their own stage of inner evolution.

“Progressive Non-Duality practice can include different modalities of approach, depending upon the understanding and qualifications of the student. This is an open, flexible and ancient system that lends itself to modern interpretations, while adhering to fundamental principles, lodged in the various ancient ‘wisdom traditions’ and even some of the new understanding from modern science and from around the globe.” – Michael Morrow

More about the Center.

First Class in Series: Discovering the Essence of Non-Duality

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Meeting Date: June 28th, Sunday
Time: 11:00 am – 12:00
Where: Casa de Luz
Address: 1701 Toomey Rd. Austin, TX 78704
Class Title: Discovering the Essence of Non-Duality
Cost: Free
This is the first in a series of learning/practice/contemplation processes on Non-Duality.

The first text will be NON-DUALISM: A New Experiment in Living by Michael Morrow who is our facilitator.  This introduces a ‘comprehensive’ approach to Non-Duality that ties directly to the latest discoveries in science about our selves and Nature.  It also delves into the ‘developmental model’ of uncovering our Essence, step by step that shows how to gradually overcome delusional states of mind and habitual emotional patterns that keep an individual in confusion and pain. This then leads to clearer states of being, deeper love of self and our fellow humans and culminates in Nirvana and then a vast love for all living and non-living entities.  It gathers knowledge from key traditional ‘wisdom traditions’, such as Vedanta, Buddhism, etc. while at the same time looking at the various advances modern science has uncovered about the ‘Nature of Nature’.  It sees enlightenment as a gradual uncovering of nature’s own potential and directly as an outcome of nature’s own inherent qualities of understanding, unification and transcendence. It finally simultaneously integrates the highest and deepest Non-Duality with its endless expressions in nature’s dance – this is what the author calls Biological Non-Duality.

Advantage of Study: To gain a more comprehensive knowledge of self and its connection to all living and non-living beings, to develop deeper states of ethical thought and action and to gradually help to free us from almost endless delusive desires that keep us from experiencing our inherent happiness and then transferring that happiness and compassion to our fellow beings and immediate family.

Educational Format: These classes and all of the blogs will be for educational and informational purposes only.  There is no attempt to influence a person to follow any type of belief system as this would be antithetical to Non-Duality and the purpose of these classes and lectures.  These classes are only meant to be a means for intelligent inquiry into the process and practice of Non-Duality and specifically Comprehensive Non-Duality, which is a new field of understanding.

Non-Duality is prior to any ‘wisdom tradition’ or science and therefore is not bound by any belief system, no matter how developed or advanced.  There are many teachers for individuals to follow and we will respect many of them, but do not directly advocate any specific practice for all people, because individuals are complex and need various methods for various stages of their evolution.  We are taking no role as a teacher, but only as a facilitor of various philosophies and methodologies of Non-Dual education and practice. Non-Duality is beyond teacher and disciple or subject matter and teacher, and it does not contradict it but rather includes and transcends and so this must be kept intact for an educational method of ‘Comprehensive Non-Duality’ for the purposes of our classes. The intent of these classes is only to give individuals general information about the how and why of Non-Dual understanding.

More about the Center.