The purpose of the Center for Non-Dual Studies is the creation of a non-dogmatic educational process that enables participants to open new vistas of understanding of their deeper source and the interconnections of all life, discover what real meaning in life is, and how it can be achieved.

What is Non-Duality?

Non-Duality is so profound that it is the very substance and expression of life.  It is pre-life and after-life and intra-life.  There have been various techniques developed in Vedanta, Zen and other paths to try to point toward this truth, but it is so profound that no system, no matter how great has ever fathomed its depth or expanse.  Spiritual traditions and even some of the modern sciences are only hinting at its beingness, but it is up to each organic entity (person or otherwise) to directly realize its truth.

You can believe in God or have no belief in God.  You can believe in science or have no belief that science is a beacon of truth and Non-Duality will not be fazed.  All are welcome to take this grand journey to discover whether this truth that ‘All is Pure Awareness, Ever Free and Blissful’ is actually true or not

Why Non-Duality?

Because it brings us freedom, joy and understanding of ourselves, depths of who we are that we never even dreamed of – not only as we are today, but as we will be in the future.  Ultimately it transcends all of our concepts of self and brings us to the brink of knowing the Source of all life so we can learn to love and serve all beings in joy.

Why The Center for Non-Dual Studies?

Because it will bring a more comprehensive vision and understanding to the individual because of its integrative approach between the latest scientific understandings of ourselves and our deepest inner self.  It does this in an inquiry process that is educationally based and does not offer ‘dogma’ in any form.  This frees the individual to grow in understanding and use all of the faculities of head and heart at every level of their own growth and transformation process.

Dedicated to Service

The Center is completely dedicated to unselfish service and learning, not profit, so as to keep the teachings and approach very pure.

Further Questions?
Contact us by email: bionondual[at]yahoo[dot]com


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