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July 3, 2010

Meditation is very popular these days, but in Non-Duality, it has a specific purpose and prerequisites that need to be understood correctly to maximize the process. Also in both Vedanta and Buddhism, there is a progressive path leading up to and including the process of meditation itself.

In this lecture we will cover how the Non-Dual philosophy has been in the West, via early Grecian Philosophy and also in the East, via Vedanta, Buddhism, etc. We will then look at the core elements in Plotinus in the West and Vedanta & Buddhism in the East to discover what these key essential elements are in both the theory and practice. We will also cover how this philosopy and way of life is correlating with several fields in modern science. We will end with a sample contemplation and then meditation. This education is not done just for an intellectual purpose, but to help show us why and how to practice a deep and profound life, which will benefit ourselves and others.

Patanjali’s Yoga system is the foundation of virtually all meditation systems in the East in one form or the other and we will study this eight-fold system. The ‘Center for Non-Dual Studies’ is first and foremost an educational center where you can learn some of the deepest systems of knowledge and love the human species has developed. You can learn very authentic traditions such as Vedanta and Buddhism taught by some of their key luminaries such as Ramakrishna and the Dalai Lama. You are also not asked to have any set belief system and you are encouraged to use your own power of intelligence and discrimination to understand these philosophies and how they can benefit you and others. But it does not stop there, it also shows you how these philosophies can help transform you at the deepest levels so you can be of service to all living beings and fulfill your life. The ‘Centers’ key role is to educate in life skills and helping you to answer the deepest questions of life – what is my true nature, how can I love all beings without distinction, what is the true evolution of our species and most of all, how can I grow in knowledge and love and make myself happy and all other beings happy? These may seem like impossible questions to answer, but Non-Duality, when understood in its universal aspects, can answer all of these questions and there are various humans in several cultures that have corroborated this through their lives of love, knowledge and service.

The ‘Center’ also is starting to implement certain ceremonies that are very authentic and time tested to help a person integrate the practices in their daily lives. Non-Duality is not a specific religion or science, but the foundation of both and can freely draw inspiration from various religions and certain fields of science. It is uniquely suited to adapt to different temperaments, while inspiring the highest levels of ethics, intelligence and loving kindness. It also has the potential to bring a deeper understanding among various religions and religions and science because of its broad appeal and universal application. Come learn about this process with us and expand your horizons. All are welcome.