We have all heard the saying ‘there is nothing so uncommon as common sense’ and we would add that it is exponentially true when we come to spiritual life or what we call ‘a search for source.’ In religious literature, it is very rare to even hear the words common sense used, but for those who have traversed the path for a long time they know that it is an essential element. It brings balance and functioning within your own means. You practice what you can and leave the rest. You do not try to overly copy others paths, but follow your own path to the best of your ability. Of course, Non-Duality is not a religion although it can contain various spiritual paths such as Vedanta, Buddhism, Christianity, etc. It remains free to explore not only religions but also various sciences and anywhere knowledge and deeper love can be found. So Non-Duality as a path has to find its own way, with the help of various individuals and authentic Dharmic literature and the latest findings in several of the sciences. Non-Duality states that there is a foundational Ultimate Reality, that is beyond time, space and causality and ‘you are that.’ It does not stop even there but says that all of life is a manifestation of this ‘Beingness’ or ‘Emptiness.’ Now this is way outside of the common experience of most all humans and yet this is the claim of Non-Duality. It also says that to transcend your own personal motives and live in universal love, is the compliment of this complete transcendence. All of this is very uncommon and yet as a person progresses towards a deeper understanding of life, mind, motive, purpose and essence, this is exactly what they find. It does not matter what part of the world or what their particular beliefs, whether scientific or religious or socially humanitarian. Life reveals itself ultimately in an expression of Oneness. This is what many of the most profound individuals who have lived have shown us. Now if this is true, then there must be balanced, common sense ways to approach this deeper life. There should be ways in which we will not make it overly ‘mystical’ or ‘metaphysical’ while at the same time revealing depths much beyond the reaches of ordinary sense perception. Come join us to explore this most profound of topics and for the practical implications of such a ‘common sense’ approach.

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