In the Non-Dual tradition, once it is understood in its universal format, beyond the classical understanding of Advaita Vedanta as its primary representative, then Buddhism, Neo-Platonism and many other systems both East and West show up being instruments of the Non-Dual realization and Ultimate Reality. Beyond even this is the idea we have proposed that Non-Duality lies at the very heart of Nature and in fact is the ‘Nature of Nature.’ That is, it is the very nature of life, mind and evolution and this is what all of the various ‘spiritual’ traditions were actually striving to attain. The modern Ramakrishna discovered this directly from his profound purity and unimaginable universal experiences. This is also true with some of the modern sciences such as evolutionary biology, quantum physics, cognitive studies and other fields that are pointing to this Non-Dual reality.

Once this is truly understood, then we can look at Buddha in a new light, as a representation of one of the greatest and most profound embodiments of this Non-Dual process in actual practice. This class will focus on the fundamental ethics via the Eightfold Path and other crucial ideas within Buddhism, such as the realization of Sunyata – translated as Emptiness and which is very much misunderstood in many cases. Non-Duality will give a solid background to understand this most elusive of realizations. Buddha also devised many of the most elaborate and accurate meditation processes ever developed by the human race and we will see how these relate to the foundations of ethics and the unfoldment of our deepest, highest and widest nature.

Please join us for this most informative class on the great Buddha and his many schools which have developed for over 2500 years.

We will also celebrate our 1 year anniversary. We are having a pot-luck afterwards, so bring a small vegetarian dish to share or just come and celebrate – we will have plenty.

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