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April 7, 2010

The universal creatrix is seen as the ‘feminine energy’ that produces and supports the entire universe. This energy has been seen in both the East and the West as forming various modes of life expression, from the fertile nature mother to the Compassionate Tara who releases the confused consciousness into the highest Non-Dual Awareness. She is also seen as Bhavatarani in shakti yoga philosophy, as the first expression of life as also the progenitor of all life and is in at-one-ment with Shiva, the Ultimate Unitary Beingness, beyond thought or creation, even of the most subtle nature. In this class we will delve into the philosophy of this universal creatrix and why and how a Non-Dualist would want to revere such energy. We will look at various manifestations of such energy and also look into the life of Sarada Devi, who is considered by many to be the modern incarnation of the Compassionate Mother.

We will discuss how this is really the energy of consciousness itself and how the individuation apparitionally is caused by this universal life force. She veils, projects and finally frees consciousness. We will look into the brillant and profound work of Sir John Woodroffe and his development of the Mantra Shastra. This class is a must for the serious Non-Dual philosopher and/or practitioner because it covers some areas of Non-Duality not usually dealt with under the umbric of Non-Duality. This is a rather advanced class but individuals at any level of Non-Dual education can attend. Please remember that we strive to provide an educational model for the study and practice of Non-Duality and are committed to such a model.