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January 23, 2010

Comprehensive Non-Duality is a new field that we have helped to develop and was introduced in our book on Non-Dualism under the title of Biological Non-Duality. It expands our current understanding of traditional Non-Dual practice into the sciences and also shows how this philosophy can be applied for various types of people. Some of us are more emotional, some more intellectual, some like work more and are very active and others are profound philosophers and enjoy deep introspection and critical thinking. Comprehensive Non-Duality fulfills all of these qualities when correctly understood. For example, some believe that Non-Dual practice is confined to only the highly intellectual understanding of our True Nature. This is not exactly correct. We can use profound devotional methods along with certain rituals to further help us in the uncovering of our true Non-Dual nature. In Vedanta they have developed the Four Yoga systems for this (Jnana, Bhakti, Karma, Raja) or Knowledge, Love, Work and Meditation. We can use Bhakti in our pursuit for the highest knowledge. A perfect example of this is Ramakrishna the 19th. Century metaphysician who it is said ‘ was all Bhakti outside and all Non-Dual knowledge inside.’ Or we can take the example of the Dalai Lama and his explanations of ‘Diety Yoga’ where one uses the image of the Buddha to realize the profound state of ‘Wisdom realizing Emptiness.’

So a more thorough knowledge of Non-Duality and its practice will have to take into consideration these various methodologies along with many of the latest findings in terms of health, healthy relationships, cognitive biology, evolutionary theory, sustainability, etc.

This year we will be exploring these topics to enrich our understanding and practice of a Comprehensive Non-Duality.