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December 4, 2009

We are excited to start our second year of the Center. Have you ever felt that traditional religions were not enough for you and you want an educated, sophisticated process for exploring the inner dimensions of your life? Are you interested in spirituality, but not religion per se? Are you a scientific or devotional type person, but want to explore the nature of consciousness? If so, a comprehensive approach in Non-Duality may be exactly what you have been seeking. This approach can include several profound aspects of various religions but is not directly linked to any specific religion. It also is totally open to the latest findings in science in relation to ourselves and the world we see around us. In a sentence, it is an Open, Organic, Free and Exploratory look in life, mind, freedom and joy.

We have seen much interest among our prior participants. Last year we laid a foundation of beginning and intermediate level Non-Dual practice and looked into several primary Dharmic texts. This year we will have an overarching theme of showing what Comprehensive Non-Duality is and how it can be implemented for a well-rounded approach to our inner and outer development according to several authentic sacred traditions and some of the latest findings in science.

Our January class will be on studying techniques for overcoming several of the emotional states that keep us from realizing our ever-free nature. We will look at emotions from the evolutionary biology perspective, and various Non-Dual traditions such as Vedanta and Buddhism. Fear, anger, greed, deceit, anxiety and many other emotions can cloud our judgement and make our practice difficult. Both science and the Non-Dual traditions have much to teach us in how to overcome these destructive emotions. This is not just for the beginner but even very advanced practitioners have problems sometimes with these various emotions. We will also explore some of the pitfalls of a misdirected philosophical and depth spiritual practice in this in-depth look into obscuring emotions.

Remember, this class is a free community service and is provided for educational purposes only. Come and let’s generate real enthusiasm for ourselves and others this coming year and help others to realize their deep, wide and free potential, in this very life.