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October 19, 2009

This will be our final meeting for 2009. We had enthusiastic attendance for the various meetings and it has been a good start to such an educational undertaking. Also, because this is purely a free community service educational activity it will take some time for those interested to truly understand the breadth and depth of what we are accomplishing. For those interested in Non-Duality, this is a very unique opportunity to learn a comprehensive, fully integrated process and program that is at the level of a university course on the subject.

This lecture is given by Michael who was a prior Vedanta monk with over 35 years of practice in Vedanta, Zen, aspects of Tibetan Buddhism, Native American practices, along with various yoga processes. He is also a trained scientist and prior university instructor. His field is biology applied to land planning and sustainability. He sees ecological systems as a scientific process that educates us on the unity of energetic interactions throughout natural systems and also helps us to experience our Immanent/Transcendent aspect of Non-Duality. Certain sciences and Non-Duality will merge their processes in the future to create a new human race that is both deeply integrated in Spirit and the functional processes for making a better life for all species.

This month we will end with a lecture on Non-Dual Meditations. This will cover some specific meditations, advantages of such meditations, progressive techniques for meditation in Non-Dual traditions along with many of the benefits. This is meant to show students various methods that Non-Dualists use to meditate and how these can affect our lives to make us live a more profound, giving and unselfish life along with helping to deepen our understanding of how and why to contact our inner source.

These meditations will be strictly for educational purposes only and are not meant to influence a direction of particular private meditation practice. This is completely up to each individual and their individual teacher to decide, if they have a teacher. Our mission at the ‘Center for Non-Dual Studies’ is to provide free educational information on various aspects of Non-Dual theory and Practice.


Intermediate Non-Dualism – October 18, Sunday, 12:00 Noon – Casa de Luz – Austin

October 3, 2009

There are currently many faces given to the Non-Dual path in the West. Michael, our facilitator, along with Ken Wilber and a handful of others have devised processes for delineating what this path is. Michael is one of the longest practitioners of this path, having practiced since the early 1970’s and will share his perspective on the progression and sudden illumination potential in Non-Duality. We also point out some of the pro’s and con’s of both accurate and inaccurate practice. In the West, we are very creative, but sometimes we have not developed the ethical foundations and the educational background necessary to undertake such a profound process as Non-Dual unfoldment. On the other hand the West, with the benefits of various sciences and the ability to cross-reference different Non-Dual traditional systems, has the advantage of uncovering some essential processes that will both speed progress and clarify procedure. We have covered some of the beginning stages of this path and will move on to intermediate stages in this class. Many believe we can just affirm our Non-Dual Unitary nature and then we are finished. This is true if someone is a fully enlightened Buddha, but for the majority of humanity it will also be a progressive path, albeit not always in some linear fashion. There will be spirals, circles, peaks and valleys. The advantage of ‘The Center for Non-Dual Studies’ approach is that we explore various authentic traditions and draw out the best from different paths and create new processes also. We also have the advantage of having Michael, a prior Vedanta monk for many years who has been practicing for over 35 years to help direct these studies. He does not take any ‘spiritual teacher’ role, but only looks upon himself as a fellow traveler and educator of Non-Dual studies. Non-Duality offers many advantages over dualistic pathways and these will also be discussed along with how this path can be a simple way to strengthen the mind, open the heart and bring deep stress relief to our everyday existence. Non-Duality is not simply about an escape to a transcendent existence but is a very practical and completely Unitary Path all in One. It brings fulfillment and unfolds our deepest innate happiness.