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Third Class Schedule

August 6, 2009

Date: Aug. 30, 2009 (Sunday)
Time: 11:00am-12:00pm
Place: Casa de Luz – (Toomey Rd) – Austin
Room: Serena Room



August 6, 2009

In this third class we will continue to pursue the line of reasoning wherein we discover a progressive path to Non-Dual understanding, via becoming authentic to our actual level. This means we will delineate what it means to be at the beginning, intermediate, advanced or very advanced stage of Non-Dual understanding and practice. We will also have to correlate this understanding with our actual ethical establishment. If we understand very advanced theories of Non-Dual practice and yet we are at the beginning stages of ethical and emotional practice, we need to know this to honestly progress. In Non-Dual practice it is sometimes thought that we can just skip all the steps and remain in the Non-Dual, that is beyond all stages of practice, but this is not the case unless a person is very advanced in both ethical standards and deep profound knowledge of Ultimate Truth. This is not something that happens immediately and will take time to mature and ripen. First we have knowledge and then through the fire of life experience and deepened awareness and manifest love we grow into the state of ‘Deep Wisdom.’

We will also continue to refine the definitions of what we mean by Non-Dual understanding and practice. All practitioners are welcome from beginning stages to advanced practitioners and all should gain a valid help from the class. Also if you know nothing of Non-Duality you are also welcome to come and learn with us. This is an educational format and everyone is welcome.

Michael is the instructor/facilitator and he has been sharing Non-Dual knowledge for over 30 years. He is a retired university instructor and a trained scientist as also a prior monk in the Vedanta lineage with 10 years of monastic training. He is uniquely qualified to help individuals in their understanding. He is also the author of Non-Dualism ‘A New Experiment in Living.’