Class: Progressive Non-Dual Practice
Where: Casa de Luz -Toomey Rd, Austin
When: July 26th
Time: 11:00am-12:00pm Cost: Free

CONTENTS: This is a detailed class on the progressive approach to Non-Dual studies, that includes beginning, intermediate, advanced and very advanced processes and procedures. In modern culture, we have a tendency to gain a quick intellectual knowledge of a topic and then believe we understand it. In Non-Dual understanding and practice this, quick intellectual approach is not completely valid because there are concomitant ethical practices that need to be included at each level of understanding for the teaching to be truly understood and then eventually directly realized in the depths of our being. This class will cover such a progressive path and clear up some misunderstandings that individuals might have in regards to Non-Duality, how it is practiced, how it is adapted to different individuals etc. There is not one exclusive path to Non-Dual practice but there are different nuances of the path for each individual according to their own stage of inner evolution.

“Progressive Non-Duality practice can include different modalities of approach, depending upon the understanding and qualifications of the student. This is an open, flexible and ancient system that lends itself to modern interpretations, while adhering to fundamental principles, lodged in the various ancient ‘wisdom traditions’ and even some of the new understanding from modern science and from around the globe.” – Michael Morrow

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