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First Class in Series: Discovering the Essence of Non-Duality

May 28, 2009

Meeting Date: June 28th, Sunday
Time: 11:00 am – 12:00
Where: Casa de Luz
Address: 1701 Toomey Rd. Austin, TX 78704
Class Title: Discovering the Essence of Non-Duality
Cost: Free
This is the first in a series of learning/practice/contemplation processes on Non-Duality.

The first text will be NON-DUALISM: A New Experiment in Living by Michael Morrow who is our facilitator.  This introduces a ‘comprehensive’ approach to Non-Duality that ties directly to the latest discoveries in science about our selves and Nature.  It also delves into the ‘developmental model’ of uncovering our Essence, step by step that shows how to gradually overcome delusional states of mind and habitual emotional patterns that keep an individual in confusion and pain. This then leads to clearer states of being, deeper love of self and our fellow humans and culminates in Nirvana and then a vast love for all living and non-living entities.  It gathers knowledge from key traditional ‘wisdom traditions’, such as Vedanta, Buddhism, etc. while at the same time looking at the various advances modern science has uncovered about the ‘Nature of Nature’.  It sees enlightenment as a gradual uncovering of nature’s own potential and directly as an outcome of nature’s own inherent qualities of understanding, unification and transcendence. It finally simultaneously integrates the highest and deepest Non-Duality with its endless expressions in nature’s dance – this is what the author calls Biological Non-Duality.

Advantage of Study: To gain a more comprehensive knowledge of self and its connection to all living and non-living beings, to develop deeper states of ethical thought and action and to gradually help to free us from almost endless delusive desires that keep us from experiencing our inherent happiness and then transferring that happiness and compassion to our fellow beings and immediate family.

Educational Format: These classes and all of the blogs will be for educational and informational purposes only.  There is no attempt to influence a person to follow any type of belief system as this would be antithetical to Non-Duality and the purpose of these classes and lectures.  These classes are only meant to be a means for intelligent inquiry into the process and practice of Non-Duality and specifically Comprehensive Non-Duality, which is a new field of understanding.

Non-Duality is prior to any ‘wisdom tradition’ or science and therefore is not bound by any belief system, no matter how developed or advanced.  There are many teachers for individuals to follow and we will respect many of them, but do not directly advocate any specific practice for all people, because individuals are complex and need various methods for various stages of their evolution.  We are taking no role as a teacher, but only as a facilitor of various philosophies and methodologies of Non-Dual education and practice. Non-Duality is beyond teacher and disciple or subject matter and teacher, and it does not contradict it but rather includes and transcends and so this must be kept intact for an educational method of ‘Comprehensive Non-Duality’ for the purposes of our classes. The intent of these classes is only to give individuals general information about the how and why of Non-Dual understanding.

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Lecture and Founding Meeting: ‘Discovering Your Eternal Source and Interconnection with All Life’

May 9, 2009

When: 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Date:  Sunday, May 17th.
Where: Casa de Luz
Address:  1701 Toomey Rd. Austin, TX 78704
Cost:  Free

Non-Duality is so profound that it is the very substance and expression of life.  No system, no matter how great, has ever fathomed its depth or expanse.  It has the potential to free us from conditioning and the limitations of conceptual systems.  What would be the impact on your freedom, your happiness, your capacity to love and serve if you were guided by life itself?

Please join us for this introduction to a Non-Dual approach, what it is, why it is needed, and what the benefits are.  The second part of the meeting will be a founding meeting for those interested in continued education and practices related to Non-Duality.  A tentative syllabus and explanation of the educational process will be presented.

The facilitator of this meeting, Michael, was a Vedanta monk for 10 years, an educator in sustainability and ecological systems at several major universities, a pioneer of the study, practice, and teaching of Non-Duality with over 35 years experience, and has written a book:  Non-Dualism: A New Experiment in Living.

“Non-Duality puts individuals in touch with their eternal
source and teaches processes of inquiry into our
interconnections with all of life.  It does this using
philosophy, science, and meta-science. It is a biological
and transcendent process simultaneously and a person does
not need any set belief systems to make this inquiry, either
religious or scientific but rather can take an ‘open organic
exploratory’ approach to life.”
– Morrow

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